June fishing marks the beginning of a summer time habit: beat the heat.

Fishing is usually best first thing in the morning as temperatures are at their lowest and fish are most active. Live bait works best, such as Pilchards and/or small live pinfish for trout, redfish and flounder. Use them under a popping cork first thing in the morning over the grass flats with 2/0 circle hook and 18-24 inch fluorocarbon leader. 

image1As the sun rises and temperatures increase, focus on the deeper edges of the grass flats and use a bottom rig with 1/4 ounce sinker, 2/0 circle hook and flouro leader.

Throwing artificials can still work in the morning during summer; however, you need to slow them down. Higher temperatures mean lower oxygen so fish are less active and less likely to chase a lure very aggressively. Topwater plugs at first light and/or twitching swim baits, such as a Rapala skitterwalk or twitching mullet, can also work well for trout and redfish.

Tarpon and large schools of jacks will also be on the beaches just off the second sandbar. Large artificials work well, such as a Rapala twitching shad or mullet.

Jordan Todd

Captain Jordan Todd, Saltwater Obsessions

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