Pro talk: Hittin’ the water during pre-spawn with JTodd Tucker

DSC_3026Q: Where are you fishing right now?

JTodd Tucker: I’m at the St. Johns River for a Bassmaster ELITE Series tournament. We kick off this week, then we’ll have a two week break and we’ll be off to Georgetown, South Carolina. It’s the first time we’ve been there to Winyah Bay. What’s unique about it is it’s on the intercostal waterway, and six rivers flow into it that we can fish. There’s a lot of water, which is good for us because we can kind of spread out and not be on top of each other.

Q: What kind of gear are you using?

Tucker: Right now I am geared up for big female fish on beds. I’ve got braided line on heavy 7 ½ foot rod with 65 pound braid on it. This time of the year. You always need a possess a rig rigged up in case you come into a problem with a fish. This time of year, even if we aren’t catching them sight fishing, we are catching them with scatterbait or rattle trap or some sort of a top water bait like a gambler.

Q: Any kind of behavior you are looking out for?

Tucker: I found one this morning that was eight or nine pounds. I did watch her for four or five minutes. She wasn’t scared or spooked. I try to determine which ones I can catch and which ones I shouldn’t spend too much time on. Sometimes it takes one flip, sometimes it take 30 or 40 minutes. How long really depends on how big she is (laughs). There is a lot of times I have spent 30 to 40 minutes on one, and I’ll do something as simple as reposition the boat, and for some reason it’s automatic. A lot of times it is not the fisherman. You have to do everything you can to make that fish bite, and after that you’re done. Until then, you have to try everything you have.

 Q: What’s a good time in the day to fish this time of year?

Tucker: Usually in the middle of the day is the best time. Days like today with the wind, it’s really hard to see fish. One thing I try to do is I try to put myself where the wind isn’t blowing much. I go somewhere on the lake where I can see. Put yourself in a position to see through the water. I think a lot of people get discouraged on a windy day because they go out and practice and can’t see anything. There are all sorts of pockets out of the wind that you can find.

Q: What location are you most looking forward to this ELITE season?

Tucker: In all honesty, I think Toledo Bent might be my favorite one. It is on the Louisiana-Texas border. It’s another lake I always do really well in and I just enjoy fishing it


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