Shining the spotlight on new bow lines

By William Hand

Archery season for hunting deer has always been an intriguing pastime. The recent rush of popularity in bow hunting for deer has left many aspiring archery hunters befuddled about the correct equipment. The traditional side of bow hunting (recurves and longbows) has been shadowed by the innovative technology that has produced the wide variety of compound bows.

Archery expert Chris Sapp, with Southern Trading Company in Bainbridge, has shared his recommendations on which bows will suffice to bag that prized trophy whitetail.

“Buying a compound bow is similar to buying a vehicle,” Sapp said. “Many brands make a great quality hunting bow; it really depends on the hunter’s personal preference.”

Here is a breakdown of the top three bows recommended by Chris.

The Elite Hunter 2013 edition is exactly as the name implies. This is a great hunting bow for any style of deer pursuit. What makes the bow so versatile is the axle to axle length is a few inches shorter than three feet. With an 80-percent let-off and a 7.5-inch brace height, the Hunter 2013 is one of the most forgiving compound bows on the market. With a variety of standard and camouflage designs the Hunter will fit any style of hunter’s setting.

One downfall of the Hunter 2013 is the speed. Although the speed is a bit slower than the usual standards of bows in this day and age, the shootability of the bow offers, more than makes up for its lack of speed.

The BowTech Insanity CPX is the choice for hunters looking for a shock-free but fast shooting bow. The axle-to-axle length is a short 32 inches, making it a compact compound bow with a very fast speed of 355 feet per second. There is a silencing package available for the Insanity CPX that virtually makes the bow noise free. Rubber dampeners eliminate string noise and also reduce vibration.

There are not many cons to this model bow, but as with previous BowTech models there have been problems with the limbs peeling. This bow’s finish has been updated to counteract this issue, but only time will tell if the limbs are prevented from peeling.

The Hoyt Spyder Turbo is one of the top hunting bows on the market today. It was designed as a hunting bow, but has the ability to excel in a range of different shooting situations. The axle-to-axle length is right at 34 inches, making it not too lengthy for long walks through thick brush. With its length and a weight of just four pounds, hunters will enjoy an awesome fusion of speed and stability. Depending on the hunter’s draw length and weight, the Turbo can achieve an arrow speed of 340 feet per second.

If Sapp had to choose a brand of bow to use in the woods or in completion his first choice would and has been Hoyt. The reason for Sapp’s preference in Hoyt is because they make a bow for any price range and he believes Hoyt overall makes the best hunting bow.

Hopefully this review will help any hunters who are on the line about which bow to purchase. Stop by Southern Trading Company today and speak with Sapp. He will set hunters up with the perfect package for the adrenaline rush known as bow hunting.

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