Need to change your hunting luck? Try these superstitions!

by Joyce Kramer

While waiting for a shot at their prey, the modern hunter can not help but think about what it was like back in the days of wooden guns and iron men.

The fact is, there were a lot of superstitious practices that are used by the modern hunter to ensure a good day’s catch. Just like the baseball player who pitches a no-hitter and then refuses to shave — believing that his hairy condition contributed to his good fortune — the hunter also has his sure fire ways to bag his prey.

Let us get acquainted with some of the more common things that were used by Indians and early Georgia settlers. Who knows, maybe one will work for you!

Here are some that are specifically for the duck hunter. One tells us that for success while duck hunting, lie down, then get up, then lie down again three times in the direction in which you hear the ducks quacking.

Another is for you to hang onions around in your duck blind. It will keep you from getting bruised by the recoil of your gun.

Some early Georgians thought that wearing a piece of raw cotton, on a string tied with nine knots, around your neck would improve your aim.

If your hunting partner becomes upset by his lack of success, place a pan of cold water on his seat without him knowing about it. Then, when he sits down, he will be calm. Let us hope so, because there are not too many places to run in a duck blind.

To make you unstoppable when it comes to hitting your target, take a piece of your undershorts and bury it at midnight in your yard. Finish by putting a brick over them. Now, hope that your neighbors didn’t see you.

If your buddy is a better hunter than you are, get some red dirt and sprinkle it around the door of his house, and he will not be able to hit a thing after that. Another solution is to find another buddy, one that is not as good a hunter as you are.

Make a wish while watching a duck in flight. If he flaps his wings, the wish will come true and he will be in your boat.

To ensure good luck while on your boat, don’t step over anyone, don’t bring an ax with you, don’t step over a gun and don’t turn over your camp chair. All of these make sense, especially the ax thing. Axes have been known to make holes in boats and can be lethal in the hands of enraged hunters. In either case, the consequences leave a lot to be desired.

Of all of the duck hunting success suggestions, this one may be the most practical. If a flock of ducks fly over your head, you will get a messy message.

Another bit of sage advice comes from those who interpret dreams for a successful hunting day. This one tells us that if you dream of catching a train, you will fall overboard. I guess this means that you better not daydream while you are waiting for the ducks to come.

Some hunters put more faith in good luck charms than actual actions. The rabbit’s foot and four-leaf clover are popular talismans and are fine for everyday life, but when hunting you will need something with extra mojo. Here are some good luck pieces for your hunting day.

Bring along a fork from the breakfast table that was used on a Sunday morning. Shoe strings made of corn shocks should be placed in your shoes. A rabbit’s foot carried in the right hand pocket will bring a good hunting day, as will throwing a pocket full of money on to the boat before you get on. Also, it is good luck to wear socks of different colors. This should be accompanied by wearing a garment inside out.

Try to have a spider web brush across your face. You can also carry the dried breast bone of a frog for good luck.

Sometimes, comfort is foremost on the duck hunt. It can be too hot or too cold. It can be buggy and crampy being out on a boat tucked in the weeds for long periods of time. So, to keep yourself comfortable while out on the water, smear your hair with soft butter and tea. This will keep the bugs away.

If you pick pine needles and bruise them, then cook them into a broth and drink, you will be busy shooting ducks — or some other activity could be keeping you busy.

If by some chance you slip and bruise your ribs, rub them with a chicken gizzard.

Well, we have armed you with some very helpful hints and some very useful charms for your success in hunting So gather everything up and get going. Those ducks are out there waiting.

Joyce is an officer, and Dale a coxswain in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. They can be reached at

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