Cedars Farm strives to offer hunters a personal experience

Cedars Farm Plantation, located in Attapulgus, Ga., offers 1,000 acres of south Georgia pines and wiregrass, the perfect setting to allow hunters to seek out their trophies in a pristine natural setting.

Derry Cannon, the plantation’s general manager, said that the plantation has been offering hunts since 2009. The plantation focuses on half- or full-day quail hunts, but also offers turkey hunts and archery-only deer hunts.

“The land had been in my wife’s family for a long time, and then a friend of ours in Tallahassee purchased it several years ago and we toyed with the idea of offering hunts on the land,” Cannon said. “We’re getting ready to head into our fourth season, and we’re very excited about what we can offer.”

The plantation is located at 3521 Fowlstown Road in Attapulgus, approximately 5 miles from Bainbridge, Ga., and 25 miles from Tallahassee, Fla.

Cannon said the plantation typically features about four full-time staff, including several guides and an on-site cook. The plantation has trained dogs and they are housed in a kennel on site.

“I just love the satisfaction of watching the dogs work,” Cannon said. “It’s also neat to see the reaction of the customers when they get to see our dogs perform for the first time. I always get a lot of questions about why the dogs do something, or how they do something, because it’s really the dogs that make the hunt.

“That’s probably what I enjoy most, is getting to work with the dogs that we’ve trained.”

Prices vary, but all quail hunts include a license, guide, dogs and lunch, and there are corporate rates available for larger groups. In addition, there is no bird limit for hunters.

“Obviously there is a time limit on your hunt, but there’s no limit as far as the number of birds you can kill in that time,” Cannon said. “Some plantations add on hidden charges at the end for extra birds, but we just charge a flat rate.”

Also on the plantation is a full cook-house and meeting area, which can host a variety of private engagements including weddings, birthdays and parties. Call Jessica Cannon at (229) 400-0871 or Derry Cannon at (229) 416-5014 for more information.

Although the plantation does not presently feature on-site lodging, there are two lodges located within driving distance from the plantation, Cannon said. In addition, several hotels in the Bainbridge, Ga., area have partnered with the plantation to offer additional lodging.

Cannon said he hopes that the plantation will be able to offer on-site lodging in the near future.

“I would say that our next big goal is to have a lodge on site,” he said. “That will probably be the next phase of the project. We do have off-site lodging that can accommodate up to 10-12 people sleeping.”

However, Cannon noted that the smaller size of Cedars Farm offers many advantages for hunters looking more a more personal experience. He said the plantation has two to three Jeeps, while larger plantations can run 10 or more Jeeps at a time, which can make things more crowded.

“We try to be a little more personal in our approach,” he said. “I would hope that our customers would tell their friends that they had a relaxed time here. I’m speaking from experience; a lot of times you’ll go to a place and you might get the feeling that they’re trying to rush you through so they can bring in the next group of customers.

“I hope that our customers don’t feel like they were rushed or stressed, and feel like they had a relaxed, more personal hunt.”

Cannon said the plantation also periodically hosts special events, including some with a focus on children and military veterans.

“We’ve been involved in the Wounded Warriors project,” he said. “That’s where we can bring in wounded veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq and give them the chance to enjoy a hunt. It’s a wonderful program and we’re excited to participate. We’re also hoping to start up some kids camps, to give them a chance to learn how to hunt and enjoy being in the outdoors.”

For more information, visit online at www.cedarsfarmplantation.com, or search for “Cedars Farm Plantation” on Facebook.

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